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Former journalist turned visual anthropologist using my camera to document coffee and body modification. 


Scadia: The Known World

Scadia: The Known World is a feature length documentary exploring the Society for Creative Anachronism. 

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This feature length documentary explores the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international historical re-creation group. It focuses specifically on the Jacksonville, Florida group. Members participate in sword fighting tournaments, arts, crafts, and clothing traditions of the Middle Ages. Unlike, Civil War groups, members of the SCA are not actively creating a specific time period or battle. Instead they re-create an idealized version of history with modern conveniences.

Each member creates a persona which is rooted in a particular point and place in history between the years 800 and 1600. Participants research the period and dress their persona. Scadia: The Known World explores how their re-creation and normal lives blend together.

The SCA has more than 30,000 members who live in one of 19 kingdoms around the world. For instance Jacksonville, Florida, is theBarony of Castlemere in the Kingdom of Trimaris. Gainesville is the Barony of An Crosaire. Atlanta is the Barony of South Downs in the Kingdom of Kingdom of Meridies. Each group has its own king, queen, army and royal lineage. Members attend events with feasts, wars and art/sci contests.

Scadia was shot, written and edited by Jacksonville native, Chris LeClere. He spent six months traveling the country with members filming events, wars and meetings. He wore tunics and slept in medieval tents with members of the group to make the film.